1992 : Reporting from Silicon Valley

February 26, 2016
Mahesh Bhat
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It was 1992. I was going to the United States to attend a workshop by Hans Neleman at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. It was a one week affair but I had planned to stay in the US for about two months and spend one of that in New York City.

By early 90s, Indians had already made a mark as software geeks but the lesser known fact was that Indians were already in upper management positions in the Valley and some were successful entrepreneurs. And I thought of doing a story on them. I used to freelance for India Today group then. They had just launched Business Today. I proposed a story and they commissioned it and got Viji Sundaram, a writer based in the Valley to write the story. The assignment fee paid for my ticket.

It was a good experience. I got to meet some wonderful people, hang around at some of these companies. We tried to get an interview with Steve Jobs. He had launched NEXT. Jobs refused.

This was definitely the first ever story about Indian entrepreneurs in the Valley..I have rephotographed the pages of Business Today dated.. and here they are,

MaheshBhat_BusinessToday (1 of 2) MaheshBhat_BusinessToday (2 of 2) MaheshBhat_BusinessToday (1 of 2)-2 MaheshBhat_BusinessToday (2 of 2)-2




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