Early Years, the 80s

Almost all those images were done without any story to tell. They were just visual notes in the diary of a teenager. Did they mean anything? Where did those images come from? I don’t know. However, when I show them now, they trigger interesting feelings in the viewer. They were done when there was no internet, no prizes to win, no assignments to go after, no editor to please, and no curators to talk to. 95% of our mind is in the unconscious realm of which we have little awareness, but it contains riches beyond imagination, says psychiatrist M Scott Peck. I wonder if my early imagery came from the unconscious. Will we be better off if we make images from our unconscious?
This is an excerpt from an essay I wrote in 2012 titled ‘Imagery from the Unconscious: Conveying More by Saying Less.’  Please click here to read it.