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December 2015- Jan, Feb 2016

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Light is certainly a very important ingredient of  photography. It is not just the golden hours of early morning or evening but sharp light of the mid day, reflected sunlight, artificial light and the light of the night.. all can help make magical images and tell magical stories.

‘Chase the Light’ photo workshop will help you to learn the its effects on color, composition and texture.

Chase the Light is a unique workshop because,

  • It takes place across the country – you can participate and learn from wherever you are!
  •  It takes place across three months –  December of 2015, Jan-Feb 2016– not on any particular day, so that everyone can participate without the pressure of time. (Winter light is fabulous across India)
  • If you are in Bangalore or Delhi (NCR) – we there will be 3 meet ups with Mahesh Bhat and Dinesh Khanna respectively during this period to get feedback on your pictures.
  • Your mentors will help you choose a project to shoot and guide you through it.
  • People from other parts of India can email their pictures to me and get feedback over Skype – over three sessions.
  • You can use the learnings from this workshop in any genre of photography that you might be working on.Workshop Fee : Rs.15000/-  (Scholarships available for deserving students. For more information please write to mahesh(at)maheshbhat(dot)com
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Kolkata, 2009 by Dinesh Khanna

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