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To be announced

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Today’s digital SLR cameras are great tools for visual expression — if only you know how to work them well. Instead of using automatic modes all the time, understand manual controls and improve your image making skills. Whether you have recently bought a digital camera or owned one for few years, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge to explore the capabilities of the digital SLR and create more interesting and creative images, tell better stories!
Session1 : 10AM – 11.30AM
Modules Covered :
1. Camera Basics
2. Exposure Triangle,
-Shutter Speed
3. Lensing – Appropriate use of different types of lenses.
4. Manual Exposure – How to use it for effective photography.
5. Composition – How to compose pictures better.

Tea Break : 11.30AM-11.45AM

Session 2 : 11.45AM-1.00PM
Practicals – Participants will practice the learnings under the guidance of the instructor and clear their doubts

Lunch Break : 1.00PM – 1.45PM

Session3 : Theorey – 1.45PM – 3.15PM
Modules Covered:
1. Light – How to use sunlight and other artificial light sources
2. An overview of basic image processing.

Session 4 : We head outdoors for a photoshoot, Mahesh Bhat will accompany the participants. A set of photographs can be emailed to Mahesh post workshop. He will assess and give feed back via email.

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