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Personal one-on-one mentoring programme

This is a one on one, custom designed mentoring programme for people who have understood the basics, done some photography and those who are looking to take their photography to the next level.

Today almost everyone has access to photography and actively use it to share experiences and moments. But we have difficulty in increasing the meaning and visual impact of our photographs.

During this mentorship programme, you will become aware of your visual voice and begin channeling it into your images. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone and begin a new chapter in your photographic journey!

Time frame : 6 months

Subjects Covered :

  • Composition
  • Chasing the light
  • Shooting techniques
  • Story telling techniques.
  • Editing methods
  • Image processing techniques
  • Visual thinking.
  • Deriving inspiration from other art forms and literature

During the mentoring programme, we will meet 10 times or Skype 10 times to discuss your work and critique.

If you are in Bangalore, we will visit the National Gallery of Modern Art and 1-2 interesting photography/art shows as and when they take place.

Mentorship Fee : Rs.65000/- (Rs.60000/-) if paid at one go.

The fee can be paid in three installments. Please write to me at mahesh(at)maheshbhat(dot)com for more information

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